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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch through More > Others > Contact support.


How do I get notified of a new deal?

You’ll receive notifications at every stage, as well as e-mails to the “business” e-mail address you’ve specified in your profile. You’ll also receive messages in the app’s Activity Center (More section).

Can the mentor send questions in advance of the call to the artist and vice versa?

No, there is no possibility through SoundBirth for either of them to communicate. The mentor will receive the topics the artist wishes to discuss, as well as a meeting brief explaining the artist’s need(s).

It’s up to the mentor to listen to the artist via SoundBirth (just click on the artist’s profile) and discover his/her universe so as to be ready for the video call.

The mentor is of course free to contact the artist via one of his/her social networks if he/she wishes.

What is the link used for the video call, and who creates it?

Once the date of the video call has been scheduled between artist and mentor, SoundBirth will promptly send you a Google Meet link. You’ll receive it by e-mail, and it will also be available on the dedicated deal card in SoundBirth.

Can I do this on my phone? Do I need any special equipment?

Yes! As long as your phone has a functioning microphone or headset, you are good to go.

We’ll create a Google Meet link for you, so be ready on the day of the call, and feel free to download the Google Meet app if you need to.

Don’t hesitate to check a few minutes beforehand that everything’s working, that you’re able to connect, that the network is good and that the sound is fine.

Is my email address hidden?

Of course! Your email address remains hidden until the end.

One of the main reasons we can feature mentors we have in SoundBirth is the ability to keep their personal details confidential. SoundBirth enables mentors to share their expertise with non-client artists in a safe space for all parties.

How can I withdraw my money?

It’s very easy, just go to the Money section of My Profile. You can withdraw via bank transfer or PayPal! Allow 48 to 72 hours to receive your money.

What happens if the call is cancelled or not honored by either party? Can the appointment be rescheduled?

You have to contact the SoundBirth team by email at contact (at) sound-birth.com who will make the connection between you and the artist. The deal will proceed to a previous stage in order to re-propose dates.

Influencers & Curators

What is the Promotion tab on SoundBirth?

?The promotion feature is an online music licensing service that allows Artists to share music tracks for review, and potential broadcast on social media & platforms by influencers or curators for Artist’s promotional purposes. 

Can I get a refund?

?You may only receive a refund of your purchases if SoundBirth is in direct violation/breach of our Subscriptions Terms of use. In no other circumstance are you entitled to a refund.

If a dispute should arise between SoundBirth and any Influencer, Curator or Artist (or between SoundBirth and any third party rightsholder) involving an item (or items), SoundBirth will seek to resolve such dispute as fairly and reasonably as possible.

If we resolve such a dispute in favour of an Influencer or third party, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to remove or withhold funds from the relevant Artist account or, where insufficient funds are available, directly invoice Artist for an amount equivalent to the sum paid or payable to such Influencer or third party. 

If we resolve such a dispute in favour of an artist, we will credit his/her wallet with the same amount of SoundBirth coins involved in the dispute.

How does the promotion feature work?

?Artist provides content by sharing a track for potential review and broadcast by Influencers or curators. They can accept or decline the submission in exchange of a promotion fee.
When accepted, they will create a content with your song or add it to their playlist, promotion made easy!

How long does the process last?

?Influencers and curators have a 3 day period to accept or decline the submission.
If they don’t answer, artists will get their credits back in their wallet.

If submission is accepted, influencers and curators have a 5day period to share the content on the platform(s) requested and shared the link created on their SoundBirth profile.

Then, a review process of 1day allows artist to eventually call a claim on the link submitted.

If everything’s fine, influencers and curators will get promotion fees credited on their SoundBirth wallet the next day.

How can I become an influencer or curator on SoundBirth?

?Influencers and curators are based on “invitation only” on SoundBirth.
If you already have a strong community on Instagram and/or Tiktok, or big playlists on Spotify and/or Apple Music, feel free to reach out by sending an email at contact{at}sound-birth.com

How am I getting paid as an influencer/curator?

?Promotion Fees are set by influencers, curators and A&Rs on your SoundBirth Profile page (and can be changed at any time) but are in every case subject to a twenty percent commission fee (20%) added by SoundBirth (“Commission”). Commission are deducted from Promotion Fees at the time deposited into your Withdrawal Wallet. All amounts are inclusive of any applicable VAT unless otherwise stated. You are responsible for payment of any VAT that may be payable by you and/or any other applicable duties and/or local taxes that may be levied in your country.

Each time a review process is completed, promotion fees are credited to your Withdrawal Wallet.

Go on your profile, next Money and you can request a transfer wire every time a $30 threshold is reached.