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How it works

Your future / Together

Join our community of independent artists and get on our radar.

Our talent scouting team uses the data generated by the 24 seconds chorus videos and our partnership with distribution services to discover and highlight rising talent.

Every month, we submit the artists we believe in to a listening committee composed of music professionals. When artists are unanimously chosen, SoundBirth will put them in the spotlight in front of thousands of professionals from our network via our « SoundBirth Monthly talents » newsletter.

What’s Included

SoundBirth provides premium music services in order to help independent artists grow their career. We enable artists to remain in control of their rights and their brand by getting access to digital experts that ensure their promotion and development.

Own your work

Remain in control of your rights by getting access to the best artists services.

Keep the lion’s share of revenue

You keep from 80 to 100% of your royalties and get the services you choose, you’re the boss now!


No long term contracts where you lose control of your creations, leave whenever you want.

No hidden costs

Premium services for growing your career.
No upfront fees — ever.

Our A&R team keeps a close eye on SoundBirth artists gaining momentum and we offer them additional services including: Synch & Playlist Promotion, Partnerships search, Marketing & Global strategy.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to make a real change?
Let’s build this thing together!

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